Thursday, October 12, 2006

Love is...

* A Sea Of Emotions Entirely Surrounded By Expenses

* A Situation Which Happens When You Think Almost As Much Of Another As You Do Of Yourself

* A Strange Feeling That Comes Over A Man; When He Keeps Wanting To Call A Girl By His Last Name

* A Word Used To Label The Sexual Excitement Of The Young, The Habituation Of The Middle Aged, And The Mutual Dependence Of The Old

* An Emotion, Even If Unreturned, Has Its Rainbow

* Is A Fan Club With Only Two Members

* Is Like Measles; Much Worse When It Comes Late In Life

* Is Like The Action Similar To An Hourglass: The Heart Fills As The Brain Empties

* Is Like War; Simple To Begin But REALLY HARD to Stop

* Man's Grand Delusion That One Woman Differs From Another

* Sharing Whatever you've Got With Whomever you're Getting It From

* Something They Say Is Blind; It's Marriage Which Is The Real Eye Opener

* The Child Of Illusion And The Parent Of Disillusion

* The Last And Most Serious Of The Childhood Diseases

* The Most Slippery Word In The Human Language

* The Only Fire For Which There Is No Insurance

* The Only Game That Two Can Play And Both Win

* The Warm Feeling You Get Towards Someone Who Meets Your Neurotic Needs

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